b'WARMANARTS CENTREWarman Arts Centre is a volunteer-run community art and culture space where you will find a variety of art-related classes and workshops, as well as free, curated art shows. It is a community space to gather and learn, to create and teach about art. Warman Arts Centre offers programs that are designed for all ages, experience levels and interests. In association with the City of Warman as a community service, not-for-profit organization, Warman Arts Centre strives to provide quality programming and events at no or minimum cost to the community.A partnership with the Organization of Saskatchewan Art Councils (OSAC) enables Warman Arts Centre to bring the highest standard of free visual art exhibitions to the gallery. Between these curated art shows, stop by or make an appointment to browse the artwork of local artists. While at Warman Arts Centre take the time to engage with the artists, see the working studio spaces, and discover a vibrant and exciting local professional and emerging art community.Stop in to view the gallery or sign up for a workshop!Watch for event details on Facebook or Instagram!101 Klassen Street W., Warman | warmanartscentre@gmail.com68 warman.ca'