b'southlands17 Off-leash Dog ParkThe Warman Off-leash Dog Park, located oncrystalCentral Street on the east side of the city, offers crystaljust over 20 acres of open space for owners to take their dogs for their much-needed physicalcrystalactivity. Owners can stroll through the park onsouthlandsthe pathways while dogs are free to run, safely central ully fenced space. Dog contained within the fcrystalowners are responsible to pick up after their pets, but its easy to do with many convenientdoggy bag and disposal stations availablecr crystal \x08\x13\x0c\x13\x0b\x10\x05cryysstaltalthroughout the park.Off-leash Dog Park \x06\x03\x07\x10\x06\x0b\x05crystal central \x03\x01\x11\x12\x10Dogs must be licensed and owner must have access to a leash. If there is an altercation between dogs, crystal \x01\x03\x04\x05\x06\x07\x08 \x01\x13\x0b\x06\x03\x07\x08\x14\x12\x07\x03\x15\x07\x0b \x0bcrystal crystal \x05\x03\x0b\x0c\x05 \x05\x0e\x06\x0f\x08\x07\x0b\x10\x05dogs must be leashed and owners and dogs involved must leave immediately.Bylaw Enforcement:306-933-0007crcryystalstalcrystal crystalcrystal southlandscrystalsouthlandssouthlands crystalF Percy Hoff Soccer PitchL John Robert Lake, Deer Meadows\x08\x13\x0c\x13\x0b\x10\x05G Warman Fire Hall/Outdoor RinkM City Hall\x08\x13\x0c\x13\x0b\x10\x05 \x06\x03\x07\x10\x06\x0b\x05\x06\x03\x07\x10\x06\x0b\x05H cole Warman Elementary SchoolN RCMP Detachment\x03\x01\x11\x12\x10\x03\x01\x11\x12\x10southlands \x01\x03\x04\x05\x06\x07\x08southlandssouthlands O Great Plains College\x0b \x05\x03\x0b\x0c\x05 \x01\x13\x0b\x06\x03\x07\x08 \x0b\x01\x03\x04\x05\x06\x07\x08I Brian King Centre\x05\x03\x0b\x0c\x05 \x01\x13\x0b\x06\x03\x07\x08\x14\x12\x07\x03\x15\x07\x0bJ Brian King CampgroundP southlands \x12\x07\x03\x15\x07\x0bWarman High School \x05\x0e\x06\x0f\x08\x07\x0b\x10\x05 southlands \x05\x0e\x06\x0f\x08\x07\x0b\x10\x05K crystal crystal southlandsArthur Neufeld Soccer PitchQ Neufeld Football Fieldcentralsouthlands crystalR Warman Diamond Rodeo ArenaThiessen St centralsouthlandssouthlandssouthlandscentral Ens Cres F southlands southlandssouthlands Antler CresG King CresEns Ln 2nd Ave N 4th Ave N 6th Ave N crystal 8th Ave N southlandsWilken Cres W Wilken Cres E King Cres Antler Cresccrystal ceennttrraall King Pl15southlands1st Ave N 4th St W 4th St W central 4th St EDeer CtH \x08\x13\x0c\x13\x0b\x10\x05central central 4th St Ecentral central J K \x06\x03\x07\x10Centennial Blvd 5th Ave N 7th Ave N3rd St W centralDeer Meadows Dr\x06\x03\x07\x10\x06\x0b\x05cceenntrtarall \x03\x01\x11\x12\x10 \x03\x01\x11\x12Doell Plcentral \x05\x06\x07\x08 \x01\x13\x0b\x06\x03\x07\x08 I \x01\x13\x0b\x06\x03\x07\x08 \x01\x03\x04\x05\x06\x07Murray Cres 2nd St W \x01\x03\x04 central central L \x05\x03\x0b\x0c\x05crystal \x12\x07\x03\x15\x07\x0b \x0b\x05\x03\x0b\x0c\x05Nelson Pl1st Ave N 2nd Ave N1st St W 1st St E centralcrystal \x05\x0e\x06\x0f\x08\x07\x0b\x10\x05 16Lane Ct Pioneer Pl southlandscentralPeters St CENTRAL WARMANsouthlands crystal southlands 9th Ave NCentral Ave W2nd Ave N M N Central Ave E O \x08\x13\x0c\x13\x0b\x10\x05P Q1st Ave SIndustrial RdKlassen St W \x06\x03\x07\x10\x06\x0b\x05 17southlands Klassen St E \x03\x01\x11\x12\x102nd Ave Ssouthlands \x01\x13\x0b\x06\x03\x07\x083rd Ave S 5th Ave SMain St W6th Ave S Pacic Ave\x01\x03\x04\x05\x06\x07\x08R \x05\x03\x0b\x0c\x05 \x12\x07\x03\x15\x07\x0bNorth Railway St W Main St E \x0b\x01\x13\x0b\x06\x03\x07\x08\x14\x12\x07\x03\x15\x07\x0bcentral \x05\x0e\x06\x0f\x08\x07\x0b\x10\x05centralcentral southlands E TO WARMAN 79A GUIDt l so thlands'