b'ysouthlandssouthlandssouthlandssouthlandssouthlandssouthlandssouthlandssouthlandsPrairie Oasis Parksouthlandscecnentrtarlal SOUTHLANDScentral central18 Prairie Oasis Park centralcentral centralcentralWarmans amazing destination park is packed with things to do! Sprawling Prairie Oasis Park, located between Industrial Road and 3rd Avenue South in the Southlands neighbourhood, boasts six softball diamonds, a batting cage, a gazebo and picnic tables, park lighting, walking paths, and a 14,875 square foot skate park. There is a playground structure in the southwest area of the park, as well as anaccessible playground on the east side.centralThe professionally designed BMX Track is one of the topThe Prairie Oasis Park gazebo and picnic tracks in Canada and is used for competitive BMX biking.tables, located along Industrial Drive, is a Enjoy a stroll around the pond or take in the view fromfantastic spot for gatherings. A playground the dock where you are welcome to launch your canoeand walking paths are nearby, and a wash-or kayak. Next to the pond is the beautiful 25 stall RVroom is available in the park. There is no campground.cost to use the gazebo, but please book crystal ahead if you would like to use it for an Prairie Oasis Park is still hopping in the winter with the crystal75x175 outdoor arena complete with lights, zamboni,event. warm-up room and washroom, plus a toboggan hill and crycrstalystalpond skating. No matter the season there is always lotsto see and do here. S Tcsr@warman.ca | 306-933-2210 | warman.ca\x06\x03\x07\x10\x06\x0b\x05 \x08\x13\x0c\x13\x0b\x10\x05 18 V \x06\x03\x07\x10\x06\x0b\x05 \x08\x13\x0c\x13\x0b\x10\x05SOUTHLANDS U \x03\x01\x11\x12\x10 South Railway Street W\x03\x01\x11\x12\x10 Canora St WIndustrial Rd 5th Ave S 6th Ave S 6th Ave S 8th Ave S\x01\x03\x04\x05\x06\x07\x08 \x01\x03\x04\x05\x06\x07\x08Warman Neufeld St \x05\x03\x0b\x0c\x05 \x01\x13\x0b\x06\x03\x07\x08\x14\x12\x07\x03\x15\x07\x0b \x0b \x05\x03\x0b\x0c\x05 \x01\x13\x0b\x06\x03\x07\x08\x14\x12\x07\x03\x15\x07\x0b \x0b\x0b Canora St EMemorial Reddekopp Cr Martens Cres WElizabeth St WGardens \x05\x0e\x06\x0f\x08\x07\x0b\x10\x05 X \x05\x0e\x06\x0f\x08\x07\x0b\x10\x053rd Ave S Elizabeth St ERange Road 3051 Martens Ave Warwick Cres Guenther Cres 5th Ave SMartens LnresRigmor St CReddekopp Cr Martens St southlands Haichert St McNev insouthlandsS Skateboard Park Corman GtT Outdoor Rinksouthlands \x06\x03\x07\x10\x06\x0b\x05 \x08\x13\x0c\x13\x0b\x10\x05\x06\x03\x07\x10\x06\x0b\x05 \x08\x13\x0c\x13\x0b\x10\x05 \x06\x03\x07\x10\x06\x0b\x05 southlands\x08\x13\x0c\x13\x0b\x10\x05 Froese Cres\x03\x01\x11\x12\x10 U BMX Track\x03\x01\x11\x12\x10 \x03\x01\x11\x12\x10Froese St\x01\x03\x04\x05\x06\x07\x08 V Prairie Oasis Ball Diamonds\x01\x03\x04\x05\x06\x07\x08 \x01\x03\x04\x05\x06\x07\x08 \x01\x13\x0b\x06\x03\x07\x08\x14\x12\x07\x03\x15\x07\x0b\x01\x13\x0b\x06\x03\x07\x08\x14\x12\x07\x03\x15\x07\x0b \x01\x13\x0b\x06\x03\x07\x08\x05\x03\x0b\x0c\x05 W Gazebo\x0b \x05\x03\x0b\x0c\x05 \x12\x07\x03\x15\x07\x0b \x0b \x05\x03\x0b\x0c\x05 \x0bBoucher AveX Prairie Oasis Campground \x05\x0e\x06\x0f\x08\x07\x0b\x10\x05 \x05\x0e\x06\x0f\x08\x07\x0b\x10\x05\x05\x0e\x06\x0f\x08\x07\x0b\x10\x05 Eldorado Stcentral80 warman.ca centralcencternatlral'