b"Prairie Spirit School Division is the learning-focused urban and ruralschool division that surrounds the City of Saskatoon and includes theCity of Warman.In Prairie Spirit, students and adults learn in creative ways, embracing the community as their classroom. We support one another, challenge one another and celebrate our learning together.Prairie Spirit schools in Warman(2023/24): cole Warman Elementary School- Dual-track English (Pre-K to Grade 5)and French Immersion (K to Grade 6)Traditions Elementary School (K to Grade 5) Warman Community Middle School (Grade 6 to 8) Warman High School (Grade 9 to 12) 306 683 2800www.spiritsd.caHeroes required, apply within. Are you a hero. an individual or Not all heroes wear capes. business willing toOur 'heroes' help us supportcontribute to our enhanced, enriched and engagedDivision-wide Literacylearning opportunities like ourProject or other learninginitiatives that helpDivision-wide Literacy Projectsupport student that directly benet, align andsuccess in ourcontribute to student success incommunity? Prairie Spirit School Division. Wed love tohear from you!psfoundation@spiritsd.caprairiespiritschoolsfoundation.caA GUIDE TO WARMAN 91"